Regain your whole health, with complete senior rehabilitation and skilled nursing care.

Recovering from a fall, accident or surgery takes physical, mental—and for many—spiritual strength. Count on us for exceptional medical care and whole-person support for total well-being.

We’re all in to help you feel and live better.

Our purpose is singular: To provide the multifaceted care you or your loved one need to heal. From primary care to pet therapy, we are here to lift you up.

a patient with a staff member petting 2 dogs outside

a patient with 2 staff members doing physical therapy

Personalized treatments can fuel your success.

With services such as cardiac and pulmonary care, dedicated Alzheimer’s support and treatment for lymphedema, we have many ways to customize your care.

Recuperating with us can be enriching.

Attending a church service. Hopping on SunRail for a daytrip. Fishing at Lake Fairy. Our Life Enrichment program is the foundation of our whole-person care.

3 female patients smiling outside while gardening

Longwood Health and Rehabilitation Center building exterior

Get a sneak peek at Longwood.

Our handy virtual tour allows you to see our center from anywhere. Enjoy 360-degree views of our patient rooms, dining rooms and other areas.

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Current COVID-19 Testing Information for Longwood Health and Rehabilitation Center

Data reflects current information as of May 27, 2020.

  • A positive test confirms evidence of the virus, but does not confirm the patient is experiencing symptoms.
  • A negative result indicates that a test has been administered and the result was negative for COVID-19.
  • Pending means that a test has been administered, but results have not been received prior to this information being published.
  • Staff members who are active positive are not working until cleared by the local department of health. Active positive staff cases reflect only staff members that are currently out of work due to COVID-positive status.
  • Mitigating Factors: restricting visitation, screening staff and essential vendors/visitors with temperature checks, routine symptom checks and temperature/oxygen saturation checks for patients, infection prevention and control procedures in place such as hand hygiene, mask use, social distancing, and routine cleaning/sanitizing.

Tests PendingTests NegativeActive PositivesAdmitted with COVID-19